Important Facts About Hair Follicles

A huge amount and variety of facts relating to drug tests are doing the rounds of the internet world and a good many of them are dedicated to helping the users know how to beat a drug test. Now, let us tell you right away that most of these supposed ‘facts’ are no more than myths. Therefore, you need to be on your guard when perusing the World Wide Web for helpful guidance regarding drug tests.

To begin with, there are different drug tests that a tasting facility can resort to. The urine test still appears to be the most commonly used one, but it has been proven already that a hair follicle test is able to give more accurate information on an individual’s drug using habits.

Sometimes a facility may request a urine test. However, if the findings trigger any doubts in the mind of the testing center personnel, they may also subsequently ask you to appear for a hair follicle test. This is mainly due to the fact that there are already different methods that users take recourse to when trying to beat a urine test. The variety of products available in the market for this purpose is getting sophisticated by the day. This does make the life a bit harder for the testing centers. However, they are smart guys and are often quick to catch on to the trends.

So, for example, if they find the urine to be too diluted that would immediately arise suspicion and subsequently, the sample would be made to pass through more rigorous testing. Or, you may be asked to undergo a hair follicle drug test. Blood or cotton swab tests are used to, but less frequently than a hair test.

In fact, hair follicle test is increasingly becoming the gold standard in the drug testing industry and it is more than probable that in near future, urine and swab tests will be scrapped altogether in favor of hair screens.

What Is a Hair Follicle Test?

In a hair test, a small sample of hair is collected to detect the use of specific drugs by the individual being tested. The sample hair is cut close to the scalp and as a rule, the most recent hairs are tested. The sample can give away the history of drug use over a period of approximately six months. These may vary depending on the drug(s) in question as also on the hair growth rate of the person being tested. But a standardized 90-day history of drug use can be detected from the collected sample.

How do the drugs get to our hair? Once we ingest a substance in our body, whether by injecting, smoking, snorting or consuming it orally, specific metabolites are produced by the molecules of the drug as it is processed by our body. As these metabolites circulate in our bloodstream, they subsequently enter the hair follicles in order to nourish them. Afterwards, traces of metabolites insert into the hair strand and these trace amounts can be detected during a hair test.

The hair screen is used to detect drugs of the five classes as specified by the Federal Government. These are marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, and methamphetamine. The sample is collected almost always from the scalp, though body hair (except the pubic area) is also eligible for being drug tested. However, one problem with a body hair sample is that it becomes difficult to determine the approximate period of use since metabolites traces can remain in body hair for up to one year (since the growth rate of our body hair is much slower than the hair on our scalp.).

How to Beat a Hair Follicle Test?

As one can imagine, there are already a number of over the counter products available in the market each claiming itself to be foolproof when it comes beating a hair test. However, as with other such products associated with urine or swab tests, a large majority of them fail to deliver on their promises!

So, if you are asked to appear for a follicle test and would like to beat the test, you should choose your options with care. For very light users, a combination of all-natural products may work. The advantage with the natural products is that your hair won’t suffer any damage from using them. However, it is risky to try them since they may as well not work and if you want to give yourself no corners, you must go for more aggressive methods (read detoxifying shampoos). These may cause some temporary damage to your hair but as long as you follow a proper aftercare routine, your hair should be fine.

Now, as detox shampoos are concerned, a number of manufacturers are already churning out their own line of products. And happily enough, some of them are effective too, if not always altogether foolproof. Among these, the best product available as of now is the Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo – Many people who have successfully beat a hair test vouch for this product and customer reviews on related sites and forums are overwhelmingly positive regarding the effectiveness of the product.

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