Start Investing In Precious Metals

Why invest in Precious Metals? Well known as timeless investments, having an investment in Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Copper is a smart move for any investor. There are many benefits of investing in Precious Metals and one of them is the low cost of investment. A company like Barrick Gold can help you with this investment. We just recommend that you checkout at least one Barrick Gold review before you make a final decision.

Historically, people have made extensive use of Precious Metals as money. Paper money was the first form of Precious Metal investment and is still in use today. But the Precious Metal market has emerged as a major player in the world economy. Precious Metals are easily divisible and can be easily transformed into cash. One of the most appreciated Precious Metals is bullion coins and bullion bars which carry a fixed monetary value.

There are various types of Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Nickel, and Others. Generally, bullion coins are valued by their weight in gold and not by their size. Hence, they are popular as precious metal-safe investments. Usually, the rarest and older the coin is, the more valuable it is. Hence, investing in Precious Metals has become a lucrative option for many people.

There are several benefits of investing in Precious Metals IRAs. First, they provide low-cost investments due to their physical possession. Unlike stocks and mutual funds, there is no need for payment of dividends or capital gains.

Moreover, Precious Metals IRAs offer diversification of portfolios. Gold and silver prices fluctuate significantly, thus investing in Precious metals is a safe way of maintaining wealth and securing a future for your family. Gold and silver prices are always on a rise, which makes investments in Precious metals as strong as bonds. Thus, investing in Precious metals is a good financial decision for those who want to protect their wealth.

Apart from this, bullion coins also represent a tangible asset. In case of a sudden economic crisis, you would be able to take advantage of economical chaos by owning gold and silver bullion coins to trade in the open market. Unlike stocks and mutual funds, you would be able to convert your precious metals investments in real-time. In this case, if the value of precious metals investments takes a nosedive, then you could sell your bullion coins for cash, which will allow you to step out of your position quickly and easily.

One of the other major benefits of investing in Precious metals IRAs is that the investment is tax-free. In a traditional IRA account, you would have to pay taxes on withdrawals, irrespective of their size. This can be very disadvantageous when the stock market or real estate markets suffer a downturn. With the help of a self-directed precious metals IRA account, you will be able to skirt the tax burden on your withdrawals.

Investing in Precious metals IRAs is a smart move, especially in times of economic and political turmoil. Although you may not earn as high returns as you would in a traditional IRA account, some benefits make gold and silver investments a better financial product. The most obvious advantage is that you will be able to convert your Precious metals investments into cash instantly. Another benefit is the ability to access your wealth at any time, without restrictions. If you think that a self-directed precious metals IRA might be the right financial product for you, then check with an experienced adviser today.

Proof coins are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Proof coins do not depreciate as regular bullion coins do. Their value is determined by the bullion content of the coin, which is determined by its weight in gold or silver. Gold and silver proof coins have a higher monetary value than other common varieties of coins, including those with a lower bullion content. This makes proof coins an attractive option to increase your wealth.

Investing in Precious Metals IRAs is a wise choice if you are looking to diversify your financial portfolio and increase your income. With a self-directed precious metals IRA account, you can access your funds at any time, as long as the metal is in storage. If you invest in precious metals as a part of your overall portfolio, then you can expect regular returns and growth, which makes this a better choice than bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other common stock investments.

Another benefit of investing in Precious Metals IRAs is the safety of holding an asset. With an investment in gold, your investment is protected from fluctuations in the value of the metal. In the case of inflation, gold will always be a haven. Since gold is also used for industrial purposes, it is a useful commodity that can be traded anytime. You can use gold as a hedge against inflation. It is a good investment because you can expect your investment in gold to grow in time, and you can always expect it to stay solid.

Important Facts About Hair Follicles

A huge amount and variety of facts relating to drug tests are doing the rounds of the internet world and a good many of them are dedicated to helping the users know how to beat a drug test. Now, let us tell you right away that most of these supposed ‘facts’ are no more than myths. Therefore, you need to be on your guard when perusing the World Wide Web for helpful guidance regarding drug tests.

To begin with, there are different drug tests that a tasting facility can resort to. The urine test still appears to be the most commonly used one, but it has been proven already that a hair follicle test is able to give more accurate information on an individual’s drug using habits.

Sometimes a facility may request a urine test. However, if the findings trigger any doubts in the mind of the testing center personnel, they may also subsequently ask you to appear for a hair follicle test. This is mainly due to the fact that there are already different methods that users take recourse to when trying to beat a urine test. The variety of products available in the market for this purpose is getting sophisticated by the day. This does make the life a bit harder for the testing centers. However, they are smart guys and are often quick to catch on to the trends.

So, for example, if they find the urine to be too diluted that would immediately arise suspicion and subsequently, the sample would be made to pass through more rigorous testing. Or, you may be asked to undergo a hair follicle drug test. Blood or cotton swab tests are used to, but less frequently than a hair test.

In fact, hair follicle test is increasingly becoming the gold standard in the drug testing industry and it is more than probable that in near future, urine and swab tests will be scrapped altogether in favor of hair screens.

What Is a Hair Follicle Test?

In a hair test, a small sample of hair is collected to detect the use of specific drugs by the individual being tested. The sample hair is cut close to the scalp and as a rule, the most recent hairs are tested. The sample can give away the history of drug use over a period of approximately six months. These may vary depending on the drug(s) in question as also on the hair growth rate of the person being tested. But a standardized 90-day history of drug use can be detected from the collected sample.

How do the drugs get to our hair? Once we ingest a substance in our body, whether by injecting, smoking, snorting or consuming it orally, specific metabolites are produced by the molecules of the drug as it is processed by our body. As these metabolites circulate in our bloodstream, they subsequently enter the hair follicles in order to nourish them. Afterwards, traces of metabolites insert into the hair strand and these trace amounts can be detected during a hair test.

The hair screen is used to detect drugs of the five classes as specified by the Federal Government. These are marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, and methamphetamine. The sample is collected almost always from the scalp, though body hair (except the pubic area) is also eligible for being drug tested. However, one problem with a body hair sample is that it becomes difficult to determine the approximate period of use since metabolites traces can remain in body hair for up to one year (since the growth rate of our body hair is much slower than the hair on our scalp.).

How to Beat a Hair Follicle Test?

As one can imagine, there are already a number of over the counter products available in the market each claiming itself to be foolproof when it comes beating a hair test. However, as with other such products associated with urine or swab tests, a large majority of them fail to deliver on their promises!

So, if you are asked to appear for a follicle test and would like to beat the test, you should choose your options with care. For very light users, a combination of all-natural products may work. The advantage with the natural products is that your hair won’t suffer any damage from using them. However, it is risky to try them since they may as well not work and if you want to give yourself no corners, you must go for more aggressive methods (read detoxifying shampoos). These may cause some temporary damage to your hair but as long as you follow a proper aftercare routine, your hair should be fine.

Now, as detox shampoos are concerned, a number of manufacturers are already churning out their own line of products. And happily enough, some of them are effective too, if not always altogether foolproof. Among these, the best product available as of now is the Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo – Many people who have successfully beat a hair test vouch for this product and customer reviews on related sites and forums are overwhelmingly positive regarding the effectiveness of the product.

To know more about hair follicle tests and how Aloe Rid Shampoo can help you beat a hair screening, please visit

Powdered Urine

Hair follicle drug test remains not only one of the most common drug testing method today but also one of the most difficult drug test to pass. It is one drug test that is difficult to cheat and impossible to fake. In the United States, the test is gaining favor over other conventional drug tests such as urine and blood tests for three reasons:

• It Detects Much Longer History Of Drug Use: compared to blood or urine, hair tends to store a longer drug use history.

• No Privacy Issues Hence More Transparent: Again, compared to other tests such as urine tests, there are no privacy issues when it comes to taking hair samples; this means that the sample can be taken in full view of all the interested parties.

• More Effective: Generally, most of the conventional tests are losing their effectiveness. Urine tests, for instance, are losing their reliability due to the proliferation of synthetic urine and powders.

Top Ways to pass a Hair Drug Test

Now that you are familiar with why hair drug tests are favored over other conventional drug tests, you’re undoubtedly worried about beating this type of drug test. Well, you are not alone: the test is scary even to people who have never consumed banned substances. Nonetheless, there are certain steps that you can leverage on to beat this drug test:

• 110+ days Abstinence: One of the most proven ways of passing a hair drug tests is apparently one of the simplest. Just cease using the drug or substance for at least 110 days before the test’s D-day.

• Shave it Off: If your time is limited, you can try to shave your head and body hair clean. As a word of caution, you need to be careful with this trick as many tests labs are aware of it, and will not hesitate to fail you if they are unable to get a 90-day sample.

• DIY Detox: If you opt to leave your hair intact, you can try to strip the drugs or substances using some of the locally available home hair cleaning regimens. While some of these regimens may be hard on your hair, a good number of users swear by them.

• Proven Detox Shampoos: There is a wide range of detox shampoos that are effective in stripping drugs and substances from your hair. However, skip detox drinks and pills as they won’t make a big difference on a hair drug test.


The Truth about Hair Detoxification

While it is possible to pass blood and urine tests by detoxifying your body, it is quite difficult with hair. Once your hair grows past the follicle, it’s technically dead—this means that its cells are incapable of cleaning themselves and will never be affected by things that you ingest. Accordingly, you will be left with only one surefire option: using hair follicle detox shampoos to try and cleanse and eliminate toxins from your hair.

Like any other product, there are several shampoos in the market today, and sadly their effectiveness varies. Accordingly, it is prudent to carry meticulous research in selecting the best hair follicle detox shampoo that will help you pass a hair follicle drug test.

Another issue with many toxin washes and detox shampoos is that they only clean your hair cuticle (the outer layer) but seldom penetrate the hair shaft—the core of the hair strand. Considering that the shaft is what gets tested, a product that only cleans your hair surface may not work.

For best results, therefore, experts recommend using the best hair follicle detox shampoo multiple times before the day of the test. Strive to also follow the instructions given by the manufacturer—most of which advice leaving the shampoo on your hair for several minutes. Coloring or heating your hair has also been proven to boost the efficiency of most detox shampoo products. According to experts, heating or coloring damages the hair cuticle enhancing better penetration of the shampoo into the hair shaft.


Abstinence, shaving, and detoxification are some of the top and known ways of beating a hair drug test. However, the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for the test is to be certain that you will test negative. A home-based test kit is, therefore, recommended for gauging the efficacy of any treatment that you may have undergone. The good thing about most of the home-based hair drug testing kits is that they are simple to use and can detect even lesser levels of drug use.

Using Fake Urine

You have just received an amazing job offer but rather than being happy you are feeling stressed. The reason is that you are required to undergo a drug test before you get selected for the job. If you have been using some type of drug regularly, it is not possible to pass your drug test with negative result. It means you can say goodbye to the job offer. However, it is not a completely hopeless scenario. If the drug test involves lab test of your urine sample, there is a very effective solution. You can use synthetic or fake urine in place of your own pee. The fake pee can be used in tests where it is possible to use it.

Use of fake urine means you do not have to use urine samples of your friend or try something silly like DIY fake urine. Your friend may claim to be drug-free but you should not take chances. It is better to take help of synthetic urine that gives you 100% successful drug test result. Even though this trick is now known in the world of drug testing, it can still be used in certain cases.

It is important to use only high-quality synthetic urine of a known brand. Such a company manufactures reliable synthetic urine that cannot be detected even in strict lab tests. The artificial pee is available in powder and liquid forms. The powder one requires mixing with the water before use. The liquid synthetic urine does not require any water mixing. In both cases, the synthetic pee must be heated to the body temperature before giving the sample to the person collecting it. The synthetic urine pack comes with a heating solution that helps warm the liquid urine sample to the human body temperature level.

Use medical grade lab manufactured high-quality fake urine for the best result. Good quality synthetic urine contains all natural chemicals, compounds, and substances that are commonly found in the human urine. The fake urine is pH balanced to ensure the right level of acidity in it. Even its density and gravity levels match the ones found in the human urine. The essential body chemical creatine is present in it.

Follow the manufacturer’s direction when using this product. Do not use leftover content lying unused for a long time. Once you open the pack of a synthetic urine product, its content starts deteriorating in quality over time. Always use contents of a fresh pack to make sure you receive a completely negative result in your drug test. This product has an expiry date so use it before the recommended best before use date. The solution should be used within the recommended hours after opening the pack, preparing the solution and warming it. Some people buy other related products at the same time. These products include tubes, bladders and temperature strips. These tools are useful in preparing the solution and submitting the urine sample undetected.

Powdered urine can be premixed up to eight hours in advance. It lets you avoid the mixing process in the lab bathroom. You may only need to use the heat activator at the last moment. This heating process does not take more than a few seconds. It is important to know that you may not have access to the water in the lab bathroom so it is necessary to carry the required amount of water yourself if it is a powder urine solution. It is not necessary if you purchase a liquid solution or have the powdered urine premixed with the water. Do not leave any part of the product or traces of fake urine in the bathroom. In fact, even the remaining fake urine should not be dumped in the toilet because it may cause the water to turn blue. It will be a clear giveaway that fake urine has been used.

The process of collecting the fake urine sample inside the bathroom should not take more than 2-3 minutes. The person collecting the specimen will take the fake urine sample from you, check its temperature, and store it for sending it to the lab for drug tests. The result comes out in a few days. It is a good idea to practice the urine mixing and collection process several times before going for the real test. For the practice, use similar items as given in the fake urine product. It will help you avoid any fumbling during the actual urine sample collection process.

Synthetic urine is used mainly by marijuana users but works well even with other drugs like cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, LSD and other drugs of this nature. It is the cleanest urine sample you can submit a urine drug test.

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