Powdered Urine

Hair follicle drug test remains not only one of the most common drug testing method today but also one of the most difficult drug test to pass. It is one drug test that is difficult to cheat and impossible to fake. In the United States, the test is gaining favor over other conventional drug tests such as urine and blood tests for three reasons:

• It Detects Much Longer History Of Drug Use: compared to blood or urine, hair tends to store a longer drug use history.

• No Privacy Issues Hence More Transparent: Again, compared to other tests such as urine tests, there are no privacy issues when it comes to taking hair samples; this means that the sample can be taken in full view of all the interested parties.

• More Effective: Generally, most of the conventional tests are losing their effectiveness. Urine tests, for instance, are losing their reliability due to the proliferation of synthetic urine and powders.

Top Ways to pass a Hair Drug Test

Now that you are familiar with why hair drug tests are favored over other conventional drug tests, you’re undoubtedly worried about beating this type of drug test. Well, you are not alone: the test is scary even to people who have never consumed banned substances. Nonetheless, there are certain steps that you can leverage on to beat this drug test:

• 110+ days Abstinence: One of the most proven ways of passing a hair drug tests is apparently one of the simplest. Just cease using the drug or substance for at least 110 days before the test’s D-day.

• Shave it Off: If your time is limited, you can try to shave your head and body hair clean. As a word of caution, you need to be careful with this trick as many tests labs are aware of it, and will not hesitate to fail you if they are unable to get a 90-day sample.

• DIY Detox: If you opt to leave your hair intact, you can try to strip the drugs or substances using some of the locally available home hair cleaning regimens. While some of these regimens may be hard on your hair, a good number of users swear by them.

• Proven Detox Shampoos: There is a wide range of detox shampoos that are effective in stripping drugs and substances from your hair. However, skip detox drinks and pills as they won’t make a big difference on a hair drug test.


The Truth about Hair Detoxification

While it is possible to pass blood and urine tests by detoxifying your body, it is quite difficult with hair. Once your hair grows past the follicle, it’s technically dead—this means that its cells are incapable of cleaning themselves and will never be affected by things that you ingest. Accordingly, you will be left with only one surefire option: using hair follicle detox shampoos to try and cleanse and eliminate toxins from your hair.

Like any other product, there are several shampoos in the market today, and sadly their effectiveness varies. Accordingly, it is prudent to carry meticulous research in selecting the best hair follicle detox shampoo that will help you pass a hair follicle drug test.

Another issue with many toxin washes and detox shampoos is that they only clean your hair cuticle (the outer layer) but seldom penetrate the hair shaft—the core of the hair strand. Considering that the shaft is what gets tested, a product that only cleans your hair surface may not work.

For best results, therefore, experts recommend using the best hair follicle detox shampoo multiple times before the day of the test. Strive to also follow the instructions given by the manufacturer—most of which advice leaving the shampoo on your hair for several minutes. Coloring or heating your hair has also been proven to boost the efficiency of most detox shampoo products. According to experts, heating or coloring damages the hair cuticle enhancing better penetration of the shampoo into the hair shaft.


Abstinence, shaving, and detoxification are some of the top and known ways of beating a hair drug test. However, the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for the test is to be certain that you will test negative. A home-based test kit is, therefore, recommended for gauging the efficacy of any treatment that you may have undergone. The good thing about most of the home-based hair drug testing kits is that they are simple to use and can detect even lesser levels of drug use.