Using Fake Urine

You have just received an amazing job offer but rather than being happy you are feeling stressed. The reason is that you are required to undergo a drug test before you get selected for the job. If you have been using some type of drug regularly, it is not possible to pass your drug test with negative result. It means you can say goodbye to the job offer. However, it is not a completely hopeless scenario. If the drug test involves lab test of your urine sample, there is a very effective solution. You can use synthetic or fake urine in place of your own pee. The fake pee can be used in tests where it is possible to use it.

Use of fake urine means you do not have to use urine samples of your friend or try something silly like DIY fake urine. Your friend may claim to be drug-free but you should not take chances. It is better to take help of synthetic urine that gives you 100% successful drug test result. Even though this trick is now known in the world of drug testing, it can still be used in certain cases.

It is important to use only high-quality synthetic urine of a known brand. Such a company manufactures reliable synthetic urine that cannot be detected even in strict lab tests. The artificial pee is available in powder and liquid forms. The powder one requires mixing with the water before use. The liquid synthetic urine does not require any water mixing. In both cases, the synthetic pee must be heated to the body temperature before giving the sample to the person collecting it. The synthetic urine pack comes with a heating solution that helps warm the liquid urine sample to the human body temperature level.

Use medical grade lab manufactured high-quality fake urine for the best result. Good quality synthetic urine contains all natural chemicals, compounds, and substances that are commonly found in the human urine. The fake urine is pH balanced to ensure the right level of acidity in it. Even its density and gravity levels match the ones found in the human urine. The essential body chemical creatine is present in it.

Follow the manufacturer’s direction when using this product. Do not use leftover content lying unused for a long time. Once you open the pack of a synthetic urine product, its content starts deteriorating in quality over time. Always use contents of a fresh pack to make sure you receive a completely negative result in your drug test. This product has an expiry date so use it before the recommended best before use date. The solution should be used within the recommended hours after opening the pack, preparing the solution and warming it. Some people buy other related products at the same time. These products include tubes, bladders and temperature strips. These tools are useful in preparing the solution and submitting the urine sample undetected.

Powdered urine can be premixed up to eight hours in advance. It lets you avoid the mixing process in the lab bathroom. You may only need to use the heat activator at the last moment. This heating process does not take more than a few seconds. It is important to know that you may not have access to the water in the lab bathroom so it is necessary to carry the required amount of water yourself if it is a powder urine solution. It is not necessary if you purchase a liquid solution or have the powdered urine premixed with the water. Do not leave any part of the product or traces of fake urine in the bathroom. In fact, even the remaining fake urine should not be dumped in the toilet because it may cause the water to turn blue. It will be a clear giveaway that fake urine has been used.

The process of collecting the fake urine sample inside the bathroom should not take more than 2-3 minutes. The person collecting the specimen will take the fake urine sample from you, check its temperature, and store it for sending it to the lab for drug tests. The result comes out in a few days. It is a good idea to practice the urine mixing and collection process several times before going for the real test. For the practice, use similar items as given in the fake urine product. It will help you avoid any fumbling during the actual urine sample collection process.

Synthetic urine is used mainly by marijuana users but works well even with other drugs like cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, LSD and other drugs of this nature. It is the cleanest urine sample you can submit a urine drug test.